Holocaust Stamp Gallery
from around the world

Voorhees Middle School

New Jersey (2001)

These drawings were sent from VMS
by Noreen Saggese

"I have been teaching for 23 years; 18 of those years here at VMS.
I teach sixth grade Social Studies and Reading classes, and we integrate the study of the Holocaust with a novel called, "Devil's Arithmetic."
We are always looking for a way to have a more personal way for the students' to relate to the Holocaust, and when we found your site, we got the idea that the kids could express their feelings through the artwork of stamps.
They were very moved by the stamps and photograph that they saw on both sites, and this really made their lessons much more meaningful to them.
Thank you so much.
We are happy that you have enjoyed them, and are looking forward
to them being on the air".

Darrian D'olio
I chose this design for my stamp
because it is important not to
forget the horrors of the Holocaust
so it won't happen again.
David Cruz
It means that the Star of David
are the Jews and they are in the fire,
which means that they are getting
killed by the Nazis.

Morgan Urello
My stamp is about the children
who were victims of the Holocaust
and how the Nazis killed them
Ran Fan
The star is the star of David
Torah means the Jews religion
The Jew in the fence is a Jew
in ghetto she is sad, she is cold.
The fire means the angers of Jews.

stamp stamp stamp

stamp stamp
Claudia Leung