4. Social function of humor

...First of all, it was important to be part of the group, alone you were lost. So surely there was a kind of dynamic so here and there a word was thrown, together with help. And also, a person alone cannot joke.
...At that moment when you were with people and it does not matter that it was in the ghetto or the camp or in Auschwitz, at the moment of silence you live with someone, you are among people, you are not alone, you are alive And then, some one with a sense of humor will be funny there too, they will retain their humor be it gallows humor or ordinary humor, it's there, you hear? There was, there was There is always someone in every group, in every situation whether in war or not, there is always that character who is happier and the character that is sad and the clever one and the fool, we laughed at each other, sure, like everybody else does. What a question, of course we laughed, it's people, sure, I mean, and how?! Just like today, but then we had different things.

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