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Shalom Aleichem Secondary School

Lithuania (2002)


The Shalom Aleichem secondary school was established in October 1989.
It is the only State Jewish school in Lithuania.
It is located in the capital city of Lithuania, Vilnius.
200 students aged from 7 to 18 years old learn at our school this year.
The main subjects are taught in Lithuanian, The Jewish subjects consist of
Jewish language, Jewish history, Jewish traditions and religion.
All the Jewish religious holidays are celebrated in school. The school has
been given the possibility to work, according to the Jewish holiday's calendar.
English language is taught intensively in the school.

The principle of the school, Michael Jakubas, is making every effort to keep
the school on the high level of studies together with paying much attention to
Jewish tradition, Jewish history and Hebrew.
Israeli Ministry of Education supports the school.
Every school year two teachers who teach Hebrew and Jewish tradition come
from Israel to work in the school.
The State of Israel provides the school considerable methodological and financial help.
The school actively collaborates with the Joint Distribution Committee.
A lot of work is done together with Jewish community in Lithuania.
We are happy that after 50 years the Jewish community's children have got the
possibility to learn their language, culture and history.
They are able to celebrate their religious holidays and to be independent.

My name is Natalie Mayants. I came from Israel to teach Hebrew and Jewish
tradition this year. Holocaust is always an important topic at the school.
Our pupils visit the memorial "Ponar" and clean old Jewish cemetery several
times a year.
They are very well aware of Vilnius ghetto since they can walk the same streets
daily and see the memorial stones of ghetto gates on the wall of the buildings.

When I first visited you site I thought that especially in this school this
kind of activity would be very appropriate.
Kids from 5 to 10 grades have participated the project.

I have to thank Rita Isaakovna Pelts for making this interdisciplinary project
possible, Eilizaveta Michailovna Lihtenshtain for making the exhibition at school
in the Yom Hashoa Day, history teacher Aushra Pachkauskene for providing
the necessary historical background about Holocaust, computer science teacher
Jonas Ruigis for helping the pupils to explore the site and learn independently,
and especially our art teacher Ludmila Fedorova who inspired the children to
draw this wonderful creations.

Rashel Skudovichute 11 kl.
Nino Gogolauri 11 kl.

Adelina Desiotnikeite 10 kl.
Elina Mesengiser 10 kl.

Maya Bumshtain 10 kl.
Alexander Lempertas 9L kl.

Shalom Aleichem Secondary School