1. Defense Mechanism function
a. Self-humor

...There was a lot of humor about ourselves, about what we do.... that is we made a joke out of every situation, we made fun, yes, why not, how can you live any other way? Look, if I say I'll die, I'll die, you'll die before you're dead, you should know there were many people who died because of it before their time was up because they did not know how to laugh at themselves, we had to!....
...In Auschwitz when they cut our hair, any how we did not give up, we said if the head is there, there will be hair...
...The first time that I took (the things) like this, not so conventional, when they cut our hair in Auschwitz. That was something terrible. We went into the shower and out of it. It all went so fast we did not understand what it meant, and so fast, we didn't have a moment to think. And after they cut my hair off ... suddenly I saw some girlfriends of mine, that I've known for a very long time. You couldn't recognize them, and then I started laughing. I don't know. Many cried. They cried after long hair and then I started laughing and they asked 'what, are you out of your mind, what are you laughing about?' I said: 'This I never had before, a hairdo for free? Never in my whole life', yes that is what I said 'a hairdo for free? this I never had before'. And I still remember, they looked at me as if I was crazy. I started asking them: 'who did your hair?' I was used to, Misha, he was my hair dresser back home. I said: 'him I didn't see at all' as if I couldn't get an appointment with him.
...This whole situation, they shoved us into those trains. It was like cattle, it was something awful inside the train. When we have just arrived in Auschwitz everybody ran to the window, to see something, but you couldn't. The window had shutters, a small window. I also wanted to see where we were. Then a girl friend asked 'what do you want to see so badly?'. I said: 'I simply want to see the conductor, 'cause I don't have a ticket, I want to see when he comes in...'

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