b. Scatological humor

...The latrine had a name " R.T.A- Radio Tuches (buttocks in Yiddish) Agency", there you could learn all the news. Agency is an international word. Yes R.T.A, in Polish it also had a different name J.P.P (Jedna pani powiedziala, - one woman said, there was no shame we were sitting in a row telling jokes, everything in that latrine.
...You know from the moment we entered the camp on March 13th '43 up to May 2nd 45 we had no chance of privacy. Bathing in front of others, going to the toilet in public, so we had a row. We sat there and we talked and told. I also joked and said that our Auschwitz Birkenau Coffee Shop was there in the latrine. It all happened there: exchange of information, gossip, barter, everything.

Latrine in Auschwitz - Birkenau

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