Opinions About Humor in the Holocaust

...Humor was one of the integral ingredients of mental perseverance. This mental perseverance was the condition for a will to live, to put it in a nutshell. This I am telling you as a former prisoner. However little it was, however sporadic, however spontaneous, it was very important, very important. Humor and satire played a tremendous role, in my opinion. It was a cemetery all right and exactly for that reason, the mere fact that we wanted somehow to preserve our personality, they wanted to make robots out of us.
...This was the integral part of our inner, mental struggle for our human identity, the fact that we could still laugh at things like these.
...Look, the ghetto showed that people have great vitality, as soon as a moment's time passed separating one trauma from the other people were already laughing, they maybe, even laughed more.

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