Korczak's Children  Paint
Korczak's Children Paint

Janusz Korczak was born on July 22, 1878.
He was a man, a doctor and a writer, but more than anything else, he was a great educator and a great Jew.
Korczak loved children and believed in young people and their education. He also tied his own personal fate to that of his nation.
Janusz Korzcak loved the country of Israel, which he visited twice. He kept up close ties with the Labor Movement in Israel, and particularly with the Kibbutz Movement where many of his former students had found their homes.
In one of his letters, Korczak wrote:
"If there is any country that honestly gives a child his dreams and his fears, his longings and his doubts, it must be Israel. That is the place where a monument for the Unknown Orphan should be built."
In the year 1912, the educator in Korczak, the future father of the orphans, won out over the doctor and the writer. From that same year, Korczak started to run a Jewish orphanage in Warsaw, under the house-mother of Stephanie Vilachinska. By the beginning of 1940 there were 150 children at the orphanage, all of whose existence depended entirely on Korczak and Vilachinska.

Korczak's Children  Paint Korczak's Children  Paint

Korczak's Children  Paint Korczak's Children  Paint Korczak's Children  Paint

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