5. Intellectual function of humor

...The Jews did it by way of laughter and satirical criticism among themselves. The Yiddish language contains many such elements in expressions whose meanings the Jews new.
...There was no tram in the ghetto, there was one outside the ghetto, but on the inside there were two Jews Kon and Heller, they organized a kind of a tram with horses. It looked like a train car and it was called Konhellerka after the two owners.
The Warsaw Ghetto was infested with lice and as a result many died of Typhus, it was very difficult to come by the serum against it and many died of Typhus.
There's a famous Polish writer, writer of historical novels, who wrote a novel "The Hut Behind the Village", in Polish it is 'chata za wsia', what did the Ghetto dwellers do? They called every such "tram" 'chata ze wsza'. It sounds almost the same but it means: The hut with the lice, instead the small hut in the village.
...Mother is feeding her son and he asks her: 'Mommy, who are the worst people in the world'? She answers: 'SS Mein Kind'. Any time someone gave food to someone else he would say: 'Ess Ess Mein Kind' (Eat, eat my child).

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