b. Gallows humor

...And I would say: 'Guys, eat and you will see what kind of flame will come out of us Yes eat, and what a flame'! Why? If we are fat it will help the Muselmanns to burn, since we have a flame, we will help, You understand?
...Two Jews meet in Warsaw and one of them is eating perfumed soap, the other asks: 'Moyshe, why are you eating soap with such a scent'? He answers: 'If they turn me into soap, I might as well smell nice'.
...'Entering through the gate is exiting through the chimney'

Entering through the gate is exiting through the chimney. The smoke is the Jewish people
Painting by Joseph Bau
(the Jewish people exiting the crematorium like smoke)

...Arbeit macht frei in Krematorium Drei - Work will free us through the chimney of crematorium No. three.
...I am talking about Plashow, the end of 1943, they built the camp over a former cemetery. Many horrible things were happening there. When we were standing there during muster in the rain, stomping our feet against the cold, it happened quite often that a bone would stick out. We would say: 'This is your Grandfather, that is your uncle'. We didn't know on whose grave we were trampling. It was also a kind of gallows humor.
...We had no soap at Plashow either, who is talking about soap? We used to say: Wait, wait till we get to Auschwitz, they will make soap out of us. At Plashow we already knew about Auschwitz, I told you, and they used to say: Yes, wait there we will have soap there they have a personal soap industry...

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