A Stamp Album

ball  Instructions:

1. Divide the following stamps into groups.
      Give each group a name and explain your reasons for it.
2.Choose one of the groups and tell the historical account made up by the
     stamps in that group.
3.  Write what the function of a stamp is.
4.  Did you know that the first stamp was printed in England in the 19th century?
      What do you think fulfilled the function of the stamp before it was created?
      Do you think the stamp has advantages over these ?
5.  Draw a stamp that symbolizes the Holocaust for you.
6.  Send your stamp to the Stamp Gallery (at our address).

Stamp1 Stamp2 Stamp3 Stamp4 Stamp5 Stamp6 Stamp7 Stamp8 Stamp9 Stamp10 Stamp11 Stamp12 Stamp13 Stamp14 Stamp15 Stamp16 Stamp18 Stamp24 Stamp25 Stamp27