2. The Aggressive function of humor

Most of them were about "the prominent", Jews holding official jobs.

Aggressive humor

...With me there was a guy who was a little disabled, he somehow passed selection in May in Plashow, (he used to prepare the bristles in the brush manufacture hut) and this is the way we talked. If I lay my hands, after the war, on Amon Goeth' (Commander of Plashow) how will I handle him? I will inject him like this: Cancer in one leg and Tuberculosis in the other I'll treat the leg with the cancer, I'll make it well and infect it with T.B. and so on until I finish him off this way, these were the jokes.

   a. Aggressive humor stemming from superiority

...The Germans came into Warsaw and everywhere they went they would say: "Jews out, Germans in", and this is how they get to the Jewish cemetery...
...On a moving train a Jew spots an S.S. man searching for Jews hiding. The Jew rushes into the toilet to hide, he does what he needs to do and the German goes on looking. Finally he knocks on the toilet door, the Jew doesn't answer. He finally attempts to open the door screaming S.S. (sounds like "eat, eat" in Yiddish). The Jew answers: Dos drek ess alein. Translation: The shit you eat by yourself.

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